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  • Moonlight



    Wait this is actually like one of the greatest movies ever made wtf. Idk why but this rewatch hit DIFFERENTTTTT

  • Song of Love

    Song of Love


    A superb depiction of jealousy, eroticism, and longing. Childlike at some times, the characters act on impulses brought on by isolation and lust, and Cocteau + Genet do a good job at portraying it all. 

    Sucks that this is Genet’s only movie.

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    I’m so incredibly proud to call Filthy my first endeavor into filmmaking. Going into this knowing nothing about sound, cinematography, etc I expected to be laughed out the room and that was just not the case. Thank you Vincent and Cody for allowing me to be part of such a fun project! I’m grateful  I was able to make so many friends throughout these last 4~ months and I hope to continue making more movies in the future!!

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    I’ve seen so much fucking uninventive mid when it comes to 2020 movies and this was a nice respite from that. A wildly messy screenplay that had me thinking it’d become more than it did. Kind of disappointed in the genre shifting but whatever. Delroy lindo gave one of the best leading performances in recent years and it’s a shame that Netflix is campaigning Oldman and mank instead of this film. 

    PS: the best scene of 2020 is the rope and bomb scene