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  • Starman


    i’m most fascinated by carpenter’s use of composition here. has similar photographic principles as they live of a visually pleasant americana being enveloped and suffocated through pre-existing geography. edward hopper influence is obvious in the stillness, although the measured editing recalls hitchcock’s hopper influence more than hopper himself (and i wonder if the train insert in the sex scene is a north by northwest reference). the darwinian view is even more pronounced here, most apparent in the shots of the alien…

  • Gozu


    “what i’m about to tell you is all a joke, so please don’t take it seriously.”

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  • Céline
  • Wife of a Spy

    Wife of a Spy

    opens with an uncharacteristic warmth for kiyoshi, eventually sapped through individual acts of conspiring that drag the film’s tranquility towards ambiguity. seems consciously restrained by comparison but even so its unique position in his filmography is fascinating enough.