12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★

Somehow the perfect movie to throw on while my city is experiencing the highest recorded temperatures ever. Took a painfully long time for me to get into 12 Angry Men, quite plainly because it’s 12 angry men but it eventually landed mostly well. Glad I checked it out considering it was such a big one on my list of things I haven’t seen yet! Definitely worth the try for those final 20 minutes alone! 

The one time I got jury duty I was assigned a trial that was scheduled to last at least two months and I had a panic attack in the little jury waiting room that was so bad I almost threw up and so then when I was filling out the forms detailing why I might not by a good jury member I wrote that I was severely mentally ill (because I am) and then I was excused from jury duty :) <3

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