I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★★½

It’s been fun.” 

Deliciously wicked. 

Films don’t, and honestly shouldn’t, always be blatantly good guy vs bad guy. Antiheroes are an enticing and exciting realm of filmmaking that feels often passed over, especially when the antihero is a woman. And yet somehow, just a few months ago the world exploded with praise for Promising Young Woman, another film led by a blonde badass woman with morally flawed intentions, hellbent on achieving her goals. For me, in terms of enjoyment, I Care a Lot is my Promising Young Woman

The vilification and weaponization of the girl boss persona feels realistic in that girl boss feminism is very rarely intersectional or rooted in universal empowerment. Allowing a character to use the ruse of white saviorism and girl bosshood as a cover to mask true cruelty is a fascinating route to take. Girl bossery is in itself rooted in corporate monetization so to see it used so scandalously here as a marketing tool for the film at large and as a mask within the actual film makes total sense to me and works well. 

Fran and Marla’s relationship was another wonderful element. Having an already well established relationship and partnership between two women where the plot’s tension was not reliant on the strength of said relationship and never faces any type of homophobia was so satisfying. Having both characters follow down the path of unwavering corrupted actions made the relationship work well and convincingly. 

Honestly, everything within I Care a Lot worked perfectly for me. I hated every single character and I loved every last minute of their chaotic, greed-driven implosions. 

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