Rope ★★★★½

Knowing nothing about this film going in, I was giddy when it became apparent this is based on one of my favorite true crime incidents, Leopold and Loeb’s murder of Bobby Franks in the 1920s. The actual incident is fascinating due to their beliefs and attitudes towards men, superiority, and murder and it made for rich writing and interesting dynamics between the characters in the film.

Dall and Granger are amazing in their roles as Brandon and Phillip. I loved how Phillip’s guilt and nervousness come across in that performance and Brandon’s attempts to exude a level of confidence he himself is not quite sure of in the face of a man he seeks approval from.

What’s remarkable about Rope is how it is filmed. Taking place in only one room over the course of a social gathering it seems like there are only a few shots? I’m not sure if that was an intentional decision, but it made watching this an intimate and engrossing experience.