Dogville ★★

let me being by saying that i really think that lars von trier is an amazing writer of sad stories. just imagine the most depressing shit ever and probably that is represented in one of his movies. he's a brilliant writer, for real. director? i dont know about that. personally, i think he's awful.

i feel so disappointed with this movie. i've been meaning to watch it since forever but i always thought to myself that 3 hours is a long time and i have my personal issues with every von trier movie. the whole concept is quite brilliant. it's so sad that it becomes just a big "meh" along with the movie. it's very hard to watch at nothing for 3 hours straight. i know, that's the whole purpose and for real, i really think it's brilliant but it does not work for that amount of time. in the end, i just felt distant and with no emotional impact at all.

also thought that the story was quite great at first. in end i was just begging this to be over. oh, and that last scene? how laughable was that?

now, the point that gets on my nerves: camera work. dude, i dont know if i was watching some the office episode or a fucking movie like this. the editing is completely awful. i know it's this way on purpose but it looks ugly as fuck, i just rolled my eyes for 3 hours straight because of that.

in the end of the movie i remembered that nicole kidman experienced a living hell while shooting this and that just gets me so mad.