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  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    the mediocre punishes the exceptionality of which it lacks. dreyer works a miracle on screen: through artifice he finds holiness from gestures, faces as a dialectic where evil and goodness collide. the story of joan of arc is also the eternal story of oppression; his martyrdom is the punishment towards the poor, towards the woman, towards the difference, ultimately towards the extraordinary that the nefarious can never obtain

    it's incredible how much history of cinema can be contained in this film, undoubtedly one of the best ever

    criterion challenge 2021 (10/52)

  • The Hill and the Hole

    The Hill and the Hole


    the ambition behind the film is highly valuable considering the small budget, although i would've liked it to develop with its own imprint. the premise is weird enough to fill the gaps with creativity (i recommend leiber's short story, which is pretty good), but there are sequences that look and feel like something out of a minor lynch work. however, the photography here is superb, reinforcing one of the film's highest points: the feeling that the surrounding geography hides something…

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  • Beneath the Skin

    Beneath the Skin


    "(...) It’s actually part of a trilogy which the director Cecelia Condit created to help her process the trauma of having dated Ira Einhorn, The Unicorn Killer.

    In the first part, ‘Beneath the Skin’ she talks about how she was seeing him and living in his house at the same time he was stashing the body of his ex-flatmate, Holly Maddux, in a trunk in his closet. She was on medication at the time that took away her sense of…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    it should be illegal to mention "a woman under the influence" in such a vacuous movie. what is supposed to be interesting here? this is cinema at its most miserable, an accumulation of references in the writing that i don't know if they want to be winks for the viewer or samples of pure pretentiousness. kaufman is really absorbed with what he has to say.

    when during a movie i'm distracted by a football game set in the background or a conversation with my sister about sushi, i know that something is wrong.