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  • The Tender Game

    The Tender Game

    From former Disney cartoonist John Hubley, whose résumé includes such classics as Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia, comes this wonderful little romance about a flower girl and a street cleaner falling in love. Brought to life through exquisite hand-painted animation that skews towards abstraction and a charming jazz soundtrack by Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson, it’s as lovely as could be.

  • Shadows in Paradise

    Shadows in Paradise


    Delightfully deadpan take on romantic comedy about a trash collector, Nikander, whose lonely, humdrum existence is shaken up on two fronts: first, his co-worker of many years suddenly croaks, and then, he meets-cute and falls for Ilona, a grocery store clerk whose daily life is just as numbingly mundane as his. A little bit like if Paterson drove a garbage truck instead of a city bus. Curiously wonderful chemistry between Matti Pellonpää (Nikander) and Kati Outinen (Ilona). “Do you find it dull here? With me... I mean?” Not at all, Kaurismäki, not at all.

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  • Residue



    A woozy, intimate, impressionistic debut, and a great one at that. The story is about Jay (Obinna Nwachukwu), a young filmmaker who returns from LA to his childhood neighborhood in Washington D.C. to work on a script. When he gets there, he’s troubled and disoriented by the gentrification he finds is revamping the streets on which he made the memories of his youth, and by the gun violence and drug use/dealing for which some of his old friends are doing serious…

  • Distant Voices, Still Lives

    Distant Voices, Still Lives


    Delicately steeped in Davies’ memory of growing up in working class midcentury Britain, both halves of the movie made up of warmly glowing vignettes that unspool nonlinearly. Central to it is Davies’ impression of and complex relationship with his father. He remembers the violent rages his father would fly into, the bruises they’d leave on his mother, but he also remembers his father’s displays of love and kindness, like at Christmas, when his dad would slip into his and his sister’s room at night and hang a stocking full of gifts around their bedpost. A gorgeous, nuanced, incredibly moving family portrait.