The Ipcress File

one of the best looking movies ever made? someone on here said that furie once said something along the lines of “block now, frame later”, and it shows, in the best way possible. every frame is unusual and striking. information just out of sight, manipulated by the lens. the shadows are so consuming that sometimes all thats visible is a face or the headlights of a car. it’s almost hard to discuss this without sounding trite, but it feels like the frame only begins to open once harry himself starts to piece together more of the case. caine is just so comfortable in this movie. connery certainly slides right into bond, but there’s still a grand show to that performance. caine as palmer is just so cool and so natural. natural really is the word i would use to differentiate this from bond. the palette is much quieter than your average 60s bond (but does explode when it needs to). it’s just so jazzy and fun.
i bought a korean bootleg dvd of this at amoeba in sf, around a year after my dad died. he’d always wanted a copy but the old anchor bay disc or whatever was long out of print by the time he started looking for it. it’s been sitting on my shelf since i bought it. not sure why, but now seemed like the right time to finally throw it on. glad i did.