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This review may contain spoilers.

Sexy Scheming and Scandal

I had so many questions when I left the theater I didn't even know where to start, but in the best way possible.

CHARACTERS/ACTING: Coleman, Weisz, and Stone were all brilliaannnttt and refreshingly, the movie managed to not be degrading towards women. I appreciated the character development and complexity in all three protagonists, Queen Anne, Abigail, and Sarah, although I do feel that Sarah's character might have been slightly less layered than the other two? Not sure about that still, but in making sense of the final scene with the rabbit squealing (why is it that animal cruelty is always so much more shocking and difficult to watch in films than I would think?), Brigitte and I talked about whether or not Abigail had always been cruel/manipulative.

I'm still not sure/didn't catch what exactly Abigail did with the German Guy that her father lost her to. She said something about bleeding and 28 days... Did she convince him not to rape her as often as he would have? Or that she was pregnant? Or? It could either speak to just her cleverness, her capacity to harm, and/or her state of victimhood and survivalism. Either way, I liked watching Queen Anne and Abigail's characters develop and I wonder a lot about Sarah's true agenda and her supposed love for the queen (I personally think her love is comparable to toxic parenting).

COSTUME/SET: BEAUTIFUL. I was particularly fond of the queen's room and how it was color graded. Lots of texture, too.

CINEMATOGRAPHY/SCORING: delicious. At first I thought that I wished they did more with the cinemetography considering how beautiful everything ((and (mostly) everyone)) was and craved some closer shots. At the same time though, they probably wouldn't have been fitting for the tone of the movie/writing, which was wonderfully paired with the music score that progressively made the movie more and more ominous as it went on.
Also, Brigitte told me they tried to make this movie in the 90s but couldn't get the funding for it, but honestly, I think it worked out for the better because I loved seeing all the sharp, high quality shots of the costume/sets, occasional dancing-dust-in-the-air moments, the glowy nature scenes, and ((luscious)) landscapes.

Quick mention of Harley-- my favorite. Such a fun character.

IN CONCLUSION, this movie was... very juicy and very gay. It managed to be both funny and then slightly off-putting. A good movie to start off 2019. I could go for watching it a second time.

*notes: the naked guy looked like james corden and that was weird.

[Reflection] Lots of thoughts about the ending, but my interpretation is that Sarah and Abigail, as Sarah said, "are playing two very games". Sarah has some form of a twisted love for the queen, but is definitely emotionally abusive to keep the queen in her control. She is not only vying for the queen's love and affection, but is also power hungry. Abigail plays the game of being a pet like the rabbits and undergoes a character transformation from being somewhat innocent and survivalist (but definitely ambitious) to being cruel and selfish. In the end, she is still almost as powerless as she was from the start, but at least lives in the better comfort of aristocracy. Queen Anne, agonized in her depression of her lost children and trusted friend, realizes she's been played and reminds Abigail of her powerlessness by commanding her to massage her legs in a humiliating act.

//oops I wrote an essay when I meant to write a sentence. my bad.