2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Good Afternoon Gentlemen.
I am a HAL 9000 Computer

Yesterday’s and first rewatch of 2001: 

An experimental watch..
Ever felt like in LLL when gosling and stone waltzing through the universe ? I haven’t since yesterday. After watching the first 19 minutes which I really love but more later I had the idea to dance the blue Danube waltz with my girlfriend while it’s played at the film. Said and done. And what an experience. Yes clear you don’t get the perfect look to the fantastic scenes at the movie but through the rotate it’s enough to feel the music the movie and the dance. First epic of 2001. Second is the fact I’ve found a piece of paper layed Down in the box of 2001 where is written when the fourth chapter begins and The Jupiter is on the screen you should mute the movie and play instead of that echoes by Pink Floyd. Said done. And how epic was that. Maybe the greatest 23 minutes I’ve ever seen. Every lover of Pink Floyd and Every rewatcher of 2001 should watch this changed fourth part one time. 2001/Echoes. Would have loved to hear kubricks thoughts on this Pink 2001. 

So because this second rewatch was a bit changed to the original I decided to watch it again today because it would have earned in the changed version the whole 5 points and I wanted to know if it can get it without my beloved Pink Floyd. 

Here my detailed thoughts of the Four Parts of my third watch. 


Probably the most wondering and great start of a movie Ever. Three minutes of black screen let every first watcher wondering if the picture of their screener is dead. But then the fantastic classic opener of Thus spoke Zarathustra begins and the begin is perfect. From many the not liked first 20 -40minutes were and are for me nearly the highlight of the film because of the First see of the probably greatest cinematography ever. Long screenings and one of most unique starts ever. The changing of the apes and the first kill of the humanity all packed in wonderful slow mo pictures paired with the change to the science where the master director of using classic is in. Kubrick and the blue Danube with my favorite classic song ever (place 10 in my favorite songs ever) is pure greatness. Without any dialogue Kubrick made 25 minutes flying away in the beauty of a docking. (Loved also the chazelle/hurwitzs homage in first man).


The first dialogue spoken after 25 minutes or sth is the perfect introduction for a classic Kubrick tensed story. The mystery of the space is here firstly in the background. 
A great told mission is in the foreground with the monolith from part 1. here. When the team visits the excavation site the mystery of the great space is in and combined with a fantastic score by Ligeti who let it nearly feels like a horror mission in space. Kubrick knows to Scary a viewer not through jump scares only through its score and the picture itself. 


Its HAL 9000 time. The rising villain of my villain list who is now tenth place is pure greatness in writing and voice speaking. A mysterious machine who knows and makes everything is another part of the great messages this epic tells. 
My favorite scene is the one where Dr Bowman and dr poole have a conversation when they think hal couldn’t hear them. The tension here is on the highest level for me and the cut to the intermission is truly epic when Hal watches at their mouths and everyone knows.. Fuck. 

Ligetis atmospheres is playing and it’s really epic because at all the story is soo slow paced that’s when it’s tensioning even more tensioned by the slowness of the happenings. All felt like slow mo in the space. So the highlight of the Little fight from machines against human is when hal tries to change dr bowmans thoughts and here I love every single scene because Hal’s voice at all is fantastic spoken and felt so realistic that he could change his thoughts. The tension he could make bowman believing it wasn’t his work is truly phenomenal filmed. 

And then when everything becomes clear after the message the movie turns over to the reborn and everything which was clear becomes unclear again.. 


Hell watched the echoes reborn yet 3 times in a row and I can’t get enough. It’s too fuckin great and I think if this song would made into this movie it were even better. The parallels are phenomenal. 

To interprete the last part of 2001 is probably the greatest part of it and every scene in it is truly cinema history. It’s yeah „the ultimate trip“ with Pink Floyd even more than that. 

After reading Kubricks thoughts he said on a master tape I Could say his thoughts on this are from another planet I could never have imagined after watching. But what exact the task of the Being is he also let open on this tape . 
I think it’s a kind of a Newstart of the humanity with a new Idol. 

A change to the deserved full 5⭐️ A change to the #1 Kubrick favorite even before the shining and a new version of it which maybe find a place in my top 10 favorite movies. 

In Conclusion with a perfect made film with the only issue of needs a bit too much time these 5 hours of 2001 were truly a science fiction opera an space odyssey a Space Mystery an two parted movie with introduction and conclusion and maybe these two versions of the probably greatest movie ever made were just the ULTIMATE TRIP. thx STANLEY.

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