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This review may contain spoilers.

5.September2018 5⭐️City Lights(1931) 

5.January 2019 5⭐️ Andrei Rublev (1966) 

12. January 2019 5⭐️Stalker (1979) 

26. September 2019 5⭐️ Parasite (2019) 

There they are. The big four (Only 5star watches since I have lb) I have to look after when I watch(ed) some masterpiece like this. 

Hui ok lets Start after watchin 7 hours in 2 days the 


Martin Scorsese. How Legend a man can be? Bringing this family of mob actors heroes etc together in such a fantastic story.

And how long I’ve waited for such a mafiosi Epos again.. it’s been years since I saw my last really great Mafia movie And I mean it’s one of my three fav genres ever. I love nearly all of them. And seen nearly all of them too. 

It just feels like scorseses coming home. 

I mean this cast.. Pesci coming out of retirement, De Niro in an unseen main role which couldn’t be more dramatic played. And not enough scorsese finally got Tony/Michael Goddamn Montana/Corleone the mafia god As such. And these were only the main. I mean I had just more fun watching this cast than watching 80 % of the movies I’ve watched this year. 
Sometimes it just feels like nothing has changed. Time stands still when Jerry vale singing in top of the Crew. Its indescribable amazing these scenes of hearing just his voice and seeing the squad together again. Missin Frankie ice cold carbone in it but brining so many of the boardwalk empire characters in were also so fantastic. It feels so familiar even if the story totally isn’t and they have a war..

I mean All mob hits ever come together in it. Many scenes also reminds of the godfather parts like hoffas sea sitting scene.. or the houses.. and surely the Baptism scenes but all in all mostly the settings and surely pacino.
Then sopranos. My fav tv show ever is in here everywhere ..  the outsitting cafe scene and so many great actors..Steven van Zandt as Jerry goddamn vale couldn’t beat an original vale in goodfellas surely but it’s sooo unbelievable great to see him in here. 
And like I said boardwalk empire got really a big part in it too. Scorseses tv show work was great and got for me and many a good follower after sopranos. Lastly all scorsese mob movies like mainly Goodfellas with more than a homage to it in the club Copa cabana. 

Shitty this is even yet to long but I can’t describe my love for the genre shorter and also not for this epic of a movie. 

Irishman is masterwork. Perfection in every single shot. Dialogues like my father said nearly in a Tarantino Level touched with a classic De Niro telling voice absolute perfection. Soundtrack is heartwarming with full of classics and for example the sleep walk Slow mo scene is cinefantastic. The cast feels like I said so familiar that every dialogue let me feel so realistic and De Niro especially with his two direct buddies al and joe could be an alone entertainer for this film. But there is so much more in it to find I looked out after secound viewing. The story is fantastic written and so surprising even when most of the facts are historically based it feels also back in time and with this money they get just a perfect Location in every situation. But also the preaging is very well done. Looks great but don’t get me wrong but much more younger they couldn’t played because of their movements which looked Really 79/76 years old but the characters looked like 40 :D. But really not a problem not to enjoy. All I want to say it is that this couldn’t be flawless because it’s fuckin great 3,5 h long but when you see what The Godfather parts did in this time a bit gripe should be allowed because that’s Marty’s league and no other! Last negative Points said are that the score is only in the first half really great with a bit Western like background tensioned score.. but the secound part especially the ending 30 minutes of De Niro really has needed a great score I think. But maybe that’s why Marty doesn’t made one there because I missed in the end the morricone score of Once upon a time in America and that would be like a retake or sth. Followed this opinion this ending shots aren’t really well paced but they and many other shots showing perfectly the real hard life of living in the mafia and not only the great times. It shows everything till the end. 

It’s not flawless and fuck it when I started this review no joke I wanted to give it 4,5 ⭐️ But all what Marty reminds me in this I just can’t give it less than the whole 5. it’s a modern masterpiece and a Movie I really needed long time. 

Marty you are just one of the greatest of all time. And  just like moltisanti in sopranos would say I liked not only Kundun.. this is the fifth five star rating for a director ever for me. 2019 you are just wonderful and so finally I close my Marty November with really really great and different kind of movies. Thank you god of Cinema! Made it to raise directly behind Quentin after this month! 

All in all an really great evening with classic pasta ,Vino and An 
Irishman walking to place 5! 

28. November 2019 5⭐️ The Irishman (2019)!!!

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