The Way Back ★★★★★

from the first time i saw a trailer for this film, i knew it was going to be incredibly affecting to me. i absolutely love basketball, really enjoy ben affleck, and it looked like it was such a deeply personal experience for him that i knew it was going to hit right in my heart.

absolutely phenomenal from start-to-finish and had me on the verge of tears multiple times. ben afflict is legitimately so good in this and gives one of the best performances i’ve seen in recent memory, with one of his line deliveries in specific being so poignant that i’m likely going to be feeling the impact of it for the foreseeable future. this also made me deeply miss playing basketball so much. it played such a huge role in my life and still does, but i couldn’t really play in high school due to injuries and was forced to find something else i could become really passionate about, and now here i am on letterboxd majoring in film! that’s besides the point though; i could write a lot more about this film and how it’s so perfectly made, but for now i’ll just say that this is a film that’ll stick with me for a long time.

also my girlfriend justis made a letterboxd now so everyone should go follow her. please and thank you :)

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