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  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle

    Barbie and the Diamond Castle


    Good and very gay. Wish the dogs weren't like that

  • Framing Britney Spears

    Framing Britney Spears


    A great introduction to the sordid life of Britney Spears and multiple injustices she had to face as she was pulled through a life of child acting and thrust into global stardom. Interesting that they scrapped together interviews from people who actively harmed Britney, too (like the paparazzo and the lawyer who rejoined the conservatorship). Her story is a high-profile and concise bulleted list of everything that's wrong with America's patriarchal cultural norms and I hope that's the message that…

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  • Adam



    Edit: A trans extra on the film wrote about his experiences on the set here. This movie is not for  or supporting of trans people.

    Just because something is "controversial" or "doesn't conform to general notions of X" doesn't mean it's helpful or necessary.

    Director Rhys Ernst seems so caught up in his personal experience of the LGBTQ community that he doesn't realize that this notion is by now outdated and just plain wrong. Ariel Schrang and her original novel…

  • Parasite



    Although I really loved this movie, I can sadly see why such famous and rich public figures as Elon Musk said they liked it, seemingly ignorant of its message. I don't think this is a failure on the movie's part - far from it. Like the Park family, the affluent only take from situations what is pleasing at the surface while ignoring thoughts and feelings that they deem to be "beneath" them.