Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Haddonfield attempts to deal with their evil problem through vigilante mob justice and discovers that they were the *real* monsters all along.

Very fun theater experience with this one, all of the kills got big laughs, especially the car door/desert eagle one, and one guy kept shouting "you're high!" at Big John when he was on screen, but compared to the first one, which I loved, I was kind of disappointed with this. Jamie Lee Curtis disappears for large parts of the movie and never leaves the hospital as they save her for the inevitable final confrontation to complete the trilogy, and it got very listless around the middle part as panicky idiots just run around and fall down stairs and Curtis and Will Patton both tell each other "it's not your fault" for what felt like an hour. Real Housewife Kyle Richards actually survives, hoping they're saving an appropriately grisly and cinematic end for her in the third one.