Blindspotting ★★★★★

plenty of films about Oakland have been made. even recently films like Fruitvale Station and Sorry To Bother You have treated it as a cultural hearth for people of color. blindspotting is obviously no different from this, but what the film does that others fail to do is bring forth the whitewashing and cultural erasure that’s happened as of recently in places like this. the characterization and overall feelings of Collin in relation to Miles and his city is the stuff of mastery. it’s the first film since Do The Right Thing that’s really made me question myself and the overall spectrum of racism in America, and how deep it runs. and while it may not be as good as Do The Right Thing, it’s somewhere up there next to it. we slept on this masterwork so hard. please, please support this film financially. that garage scene is probably the best scene of 2018 too

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