In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

“We won’t be like them.”

rewatching this while my parents blasted Pitch Perfect at full volume wasn’t the most preferable situation, but either way this is a masterpiece. shows that you don’t need physical intimacy to fall in love. how ideas can set feelings off. let your bottled in feelings explode. wong kar-wai has such a way with the smallest movements, the movement of the necks vocal chords or the twitching of the hand before reaching over to touch another. he has an understanding that the smallest things in life make us, and our feelings, what we, and they, are. maggie cheung has the best performance here, her nuanced dive into depression is certainly masterful, and we don’t talk about it nearly enough. also the colors, even beyond the red, are lovely. what a beautifully shot film. even in his weakest moments, kar-wai knows how to make shit look good. this sparked some ideas that i might be looking at developing in the future, but until then, i’ll be rewatching these masterworks till the end of time.

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