The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

“It’s gonna be okay”

there is a man with lines drawn across his face and a history written across his mind. he tries to remember the best of it but all he can remember is the worst. his younger self is starting to become more muddled in his age, and everything that used to be around him seems to be gone. he’s close. he’s close to the place where everyone, saints and sinners alike, go. it’s only a matter of time.

scorsese’s legacy piece, a familiar and easy territory for everyone involved but that doesn’t stop any of them from playing lights out. it’s the funniest film of the year, it’s the most devastating, it’s the most masterful, it’s the most engaging, and it’s sure as hell among the best things any of these people have, and ever will, do. going from hilarity to silent emotional brutality on a dime, nobody here is treated with anything but mournfulness. scorsese has always treated the mob with a sense of wariness, a sense of “its not what anybody thinks it is” but this is even less so. there’s not much violence, and the bits that are violent are devastating. there’s no happiness in franks life, no sense of “it wasn’t all bad” because none of it was good. it’s an endless cycle of lawyers, death, hits, and uneasiness. the deaging is perfect, the actors are perfect, the cinematography is perfect, everything is perfect. this is a perfect movie. film of the fuckin year.

there’s a man with lines drawn across his face and a history written across his mind but he’s not gone yet. the finish line is reaching him before he reaches it, but he’s not there yet. he’s ready for the end, and whatever lies beyond it. he’s done the best he can to prepare for it. but what’s there to prepare for? seeing all the faces you used to know? all the people you hurt? he doesn’t know and frankly he won’t until he’s there. but he’s not there yet. it’s nearly christmas. he should be able to wait until then.


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