Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

I did wonder about the beefy run time but it really helped enhance the large bundle of characters presented to us in this action packed romp through zombie riddled Las Vegas. The film was full of most things associated with a Snyder film from impressive backdrops to stunning fight sequences to an array of beautiful colours with gore looking like it had come straight off an artists paintbrush rather than rotting flesh. The film utilises cliche but honours homage and while not a lot new is done to the undead, the tweaks made are well done and the super zombies give the film an extra dramatic carriageway to cause havoc in.

Nothing groundbreaking but a worthwhile entry in to all things brain eating. An easy watch with likeable characters, smooth dialogue (as long as you don't mind more F bombs than a Limp Bizkit album) and some majestic kills. My sort of action horror.

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