Ready Player One ★★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 37/Film 9/A Cyberpunk movie

There are films that come around rarely but significantly that literally blow you and any preconceptions away. This was one of those movies.
I have never read the book so I can't compare to the book, I can just talk about the action and adventure that happened before my eyes.

Any film that contains a constant barrage of pop culture references and appearances by the ton of your favourite characters from your favourite genres from all aspects of your life is going to be a fairly big hitter. The closest memory of such film has to be WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT. READY PLAYER ONE is put together extremely well with a fantastic soundtrack and the best use of CGI I have ever witnessed, this is probably because of the digital setting however.

I have heard some reports of the lead character not being particularly good or deep or bothered. From my perspective I thought he was great, he felt like a video game character voice over guy and really what else do we need for this film? I didn't need heavy back story or deep character layers on him, I just needed him to lead the way to the world I would lose myself in for the next two hours.

As a horror fan, I had a good service. I had a whole section of the film set within the THE SHINING and I got to see Freddy, Jason, Chucky and probably many others I forget. For a non horror film to provide me with access to characters I am fond of this felt very special indeed.

Sections of the film were filmed in my home town (Birmingham, UK) and I even saw them film one particular part of a scene so I had intrigue going in but the world was made to look incredible. The humour that was in the film was fun, perhaps over the top and not natural, but fun.

I enjoyed each and every second, I thought it was an excellent Spielberg effort and well done to all involved. I can't wait to buy the Blu-Ray.

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