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  • Columbus



    My girlfriend almost broke up with me today. We haven't seen each other in two months due to quarantine. She called me and said she wanted to continue our relationship 5 or so hours later. The whole ordeal resulted in me having a panic attack.

    And yet somehow, at two in the morning after a night of crying alone in my bedroom with my dog giving me comfort nuzzles, I end up here.

    Columbus is my happy place. I can…

  • Dolittle


    This movie...

    was so bad...

    that the theater was empty...

    on opening night.


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  • Columbus



    Watched because Sundance told me to.

    It's perfect. The end.

  • Downfalls High

    Downfalls High

    I can't properly describe to you how much I loathe MGK. The kid is a fucking weirdo and the perfect embodiment of white privilege in the music industry. When Lil Wayne tried to do this in the late 2000's and early 2010's, he was bullied into stopping and the music he was putting out was no worse than the shit in this. But because MGK is a white rapper, and you don't need to have talent to be a white…

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  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2


    Every single character in this film, aside from our absolute king Marco, deserved to fucking die.

    Noah is a sociopath, Elle is a manipulator, Lee is a spineless prick and Rachel is just sad.

    Two hours that can never be replenished.

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants

    Seriously, the leniency you are all giving these films is ridiculous.

    This is the worst Marvel movie I have ever seen. And I can't stand any of them, generally.

    The acting, the effects, the casual racism, everything is just abysmal.