Inferno ★★★★½

Inferno is not a movie about narrative or a protagonist or instilling a foundation to connect scenes to a shared movie world. Think of it as a silent film with music and sound effects and you'll definitely warm up to the experience. It's best to not pay much attention to the dialogue because it is entirely unimportant to the impact. The version I watched even introduced the title by cutting out a voice over speech mid-sentence! This is a movie about all the primal senses. It's about eyes, ears, seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, fear of the unknown, fear of physical pain and fear of death. Argento became violently ill on the set with hepatitis of the liver and it's as if the film is a direct representation of some fever nightmares he must have had. Scenes just morph into each other the way dreams blend and fold in on themselves. The sets alone are so labyrinthine, so foreboding but you want to keep exploring them as the characters descend their rabbit holes of doom. The cellar scene with the hole of water is one of Argento's best sequences yet to be fair, Mario Bava also deserves full credit for ghost-directing this as well. A Bava/Argento picnic of delirium.

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