Xanadu ★★★★½

The first time you watch 'Xanadu' you're a sponge absorbing the madness. You take it in, ridicule it, spit it out. The second time, if a second time doesn't sound like suicide, the experience is much kinder and the unapologetic sincerity behind it spreads like a contagion. Most are immune, but some get infected. Consider me infected. If you're an ELO fan, the film is wondrous background noise. And when you're watching the screen, there's magical colors, tap dancing, roller boogieing, laser beams, coked up dancers and it's cheez wiz heaven. 'Xanadu' is a beautiful bridge between the old (the Gene Kelly generation) and the new (the Olivia Newtown-John generation). Or more like a rainbow of 70s decadence and the pot of gold at the end is the 80s. The 60s closed with Altamont and the 70s had 'Xanadu'. The end of an era.

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