The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★½

What a treat this was. I miss crime films feeling this epic and complete. Between this and Silence, Scorcese is taking a much more reflective and mature path in his filmmaking. Gone are the themes of excess and power/ego trips of Goodfellas and Wolf of Wall Street. This is much more realistic and heartfelt. Focusing on the regret and suffering that comes with a life of crime.

I think if anyone dislikes this it's because we aren't supposed to be rooting for these guys. For the first time Scorcese is showing this gritty underworld for what it is, an inescapable labyrinth of psychopaths and cold blooded killers. A lifestyle that will control you and bend you to it's will. Destroying your family, even forcing you to hurt people you love. This is one of the grimmest and important things Marty has ever done.

People that were expecting the Goodfellas high-octane vibe will definitely be disappointed, but I really appreciate the maturity of this work and hope we can see a few more films from this cinematic visionary before he's gone.

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