Favorite films

  • Conspirators of Pleasure
  • Marie Antoinette
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
  • The Thin Man

Recent activity

  • He Ran All the Way


  • Odds Against Tomorrow


  • Double Indemnity


  • How Green Was My Valley


Recent reviews

  • He Ran All the Way

    He Ran All the Way


    One of the all-time great films to feature a scene where a man carves a turkey at gunpoint.

  • Odds Against Tomorrow

    Odds Against Tomorrow


    If Rififi is hard crime in the same way that Asimov is hard sci-fi, for the pock-marked aficionados who get off on nuts and bolts, Odds Against Tomorrow is jelly roll soft. The crime and its build-up have all the sophistication of some slob fishing for the prize out of a Cracker Jack box. Wise spends most of his time going well under the speed limit, waving ahead left-turners, jaywalkers, and families of ducks, stopping to check the air in…

Popular reviews

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    My Own Private Utah

    Definitely more Surf Nazis Must Die than Beach Blanket Bingo. Naked Lunch for adrenaline junkies. Beach rat himbos and pigskin federales scarcely resist the urge to bump uglies. Subliterate Nietzschean phallusophy pulls a kitschy boy band bank job while women exist solely as ransom currency. In its own endearing and self-conscious way, Point Break is a bland fast food 90s actioner whose IQ can be measured in Keanu Reeves’ limited facial expression, yet it still has…

  • Midnight



    NEW CLAIM TO FAME: After being pawed by her drunken stepfather played by Lawrence Tierney, Nancy runs away and thumbs her fateful ride in front of the hospital where I was born, down the street from my childhood home. Truly a proud day. 

    As incompetent as much of Midnight is—and you know you’re in for a doozy when the cinematographer is doubling as the composer —it certainly captures the spirit of Pittsburgh in my eyes: damp, gray, hilly, crumbling infrastructure,…