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  • Pretty Bird

    Pretty Bird

    Wow, a really insane true life story turned into one of the worst 2000s indie films I’ve ever seen. Paul Giamatti is the only good performance, even if maybe thats a bias from me. The music, the acting, the structure, its all so bad and confounding. This true story is NUTS, why is this so incredibly dull and amatuerly made?

    *rented on iTunes w/ Sam*

  • Deep Impact

    Deep Impact

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Boy, this is boring. Spends a lot of time following too many characters, none of which are developed enough to really have a vested interest in what they have going on. It really leaves me wondering what this is about.

    Now to be fair, I did know the ending to this going into it, thanks to a high school film teacher. So, I know the whole time that its not gonna work out and everyone will die. It also doesn’t…

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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    I was emotionally devastated at several points watching this. Incredible story. God Bless every single Production Assistant who has ever fucked up.

  • Baby Mama

    Baby Mama

    Mediocre follow-up to Baby Driver