Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Weird how the title for this one is a direct spoiler.

This one feels amateurish. The script isn’t as bad as the way its shot and directed. Thats not to say the script is good. I don’t usually like the criticism that something “feels like a student film” but wow, this really feels like they got a college student to direct and shoot this.

That said, I LOVED how goofy Freddy was in this. The hearing aid sequence had me in stitches! And Freddy referencing Nintendo and the Power Glove (where is that prop now?!) was near the top of things they’d never do for me. Also didn’t expect the reveal of Freddy being three tadpoles in a sweater and fedora. Someone is gonna read this and think I’m joking.

Also the “Say NO to Drugs” teens were hilarious. In a better movie you would really play into that for the comedy of skewering that trope. 

The fun of the Freddy sequences and sheer weirdness of some elements (like the town of crazed adults who pretend to have children) is enough to put it above the 5th film in my book.

*rented via iTunes*