Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

Pretty bummed how bad this is. Not like I expect it to be the masterpiece that is the 1974 classic which invented the slasher genre but this isn’t even as fun as the shit 2000’s remake. It’s at the fault of poor editing, sound mixing and someone who doesn’t know how to build suspense. It really has no connection to the original film and with this central menace of an evil fraternity that is the exaggeration of male privilege, there’s no mystery of who is the killer and it’s too basic to be scary. The feminist talking points which is what the filmmaker is most invested in feel as stock as its characters. I’d hope to see more of a voice and specificity something that the original film has in spades (the missing kid, abortion, the call is coming from inside the house). There’s nothing here that’s isn’t what you’d read from Facebook comments. Imogen Poots is at least giving it her all but doesn’t give her or her sisters the pay off they deserve. Instead it’s uninspired kills and not well rationalized choices.

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