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  • Killers on Parade

    Killers on Parade


    irreverent and pure fun, the utter style of every shot is glorious

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    yeah i just think that having your protag descend into emotional grief and chaos purported partially by being let down by judicial institutions completely failing, and then having her trust those institutions at the end (the framing does not allow to look at it any other way) without zero reason to in story is...... not a good look 

    i’d say carey deserves better (she really is amazing and makes magic out of a sometimes hokey preachy script) but she executive…

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  • Fight Club

    Fight Club


    the amount of filmbros who get so distracted by how hot brad pitt is (the buzzcut with that shaggy coat is such a look wow) and forget to think about what this movie is actually saying is actually... astounding 

    we can all agree brad pitt is mega hot but this is still an anti-capitalist anti-toxic-masculinity anti-american-dream anti-nihilist cautionary tale of how society isn’t made with those disaffected in mind. the ending especially completely dismisses the idea that it glorifies the things people both uncritically worship and dismiss it for 

    but yes brad pitt is very hot

  • House



    i want to be kunfû when i grow up