Minari ★★★★★

my most anticipated release of 2020 and it exceeded every single expectation 

such a touching and achingly intimate story about the failures of the ameirican dream without slamming you over the head with it. it’s so heavy but it never feels sad for sadness’s sake and allows for moments of levity and laughs and warmth 

the cast is superb but special shoutout to han yeri! her character’s inner turmoil was perfectly communicated without a single word at times. the whole cast is amazing (alan s kim’s david in particular really anchors the film! but seriously steven yeun! but seriously youn yuhjung!) but she really broke my heart and put it back together 

the sound design blew me away and the way the camera moves like you’re really there made the whole experience so immersive as soon as it was done i immediately wanted to rewatch it and if that doesn’t say how i feel about this movie then idk