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i only like movies with gay sex

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  • The Basketball Diaries

    The Basketball Diaries


    so dark and heartbreaking i had to take multiple breaks. i loved the jim carroll cameo and songs

  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    i love the transitions and how they give the film feelings of transience that i am already worried about one year before i graduate college.
    also! when the movie ends...what next? what happens when you leave your entire life behind for a single person and you just drive away into the distance with them? do they regret it?

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  • May



    i love this movie because it touches on the way that chronic loneliness can lead to the personification of objects and how important objects and parasocial relationships can be to people. yes im a psych major.

  • Columbus



    perhaps the most visibly striking film i have ever seen. im in love with the buildings and the lushness of columbus, in. i appreciated that this story was about an atypical education experience. you can really feel casey's true passion for learning and i envy her for that. i think that the relationship between casey and jin was kind of strange and under-developed, but i think that's how the filmmakers wanted us to feel. the long shots of the buildings and the sounds and conversations were so calming, while the subject matter sent me into a deep spiral.