Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Probably the first "objectively" good movie Zack Snyder's put together - and that's coming from a genuine fan of "Man Of Steel." "Army Of The Dead" finds the polarizing filmmaker at his most aerodynamic; a curious thing to say about a two-and-a-half hour long zombie film, sure, but hear me out. Many of Snyder's films end up suffering at the feet of the aesthetic, with things like characterization and narrative taking a back seat to the overall look of the movie. This really marks the first time I've seen a Zack Snyder film where every visual element felt as though it was in service to the overall product and not just to the audience's eyes. Not sure if this has to do with Snyder's relationship to the material itself, the fact that he's his own cinematographer this time around or the fact that he's working with a much more hands-off studio/distributor in the form of Netflix. In any event, you're given boatloads of well-shot zombie action, some surprisingly resonant emotionality and easily the best CGI-beast mauling scene I've seen since "The Revenant." Zombie tigers are the greatest thing to happen to the subgenre. Quote me.