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  • The Creatures

    The Creatures


    An allegorical sci-fi by Agnes Varda that I’m sure is no one’s favourite Varda. A married couple (Michel Piccoli and Catherine Deneuve) move to an island after having a car crash. Piccoli’s character gambles with his wife’s life and has also taken away her voice – she’s mute because of the accident. He’s writing a novel and the world of the novel, his dreams and the reality of the film are so intertwined we can’t tell what’s what. A villain…

  • The Young and the Damned

    The Young and the Damned


    Letterboxd Season Challenge (2020-2021)
    Week 22: The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

    Beginning in the early 1930s and continuing for a quarter-century, Mexico was home to one of the world’s most colorful and diverse film cultures: not many other countries could claim a comparable range of production, diversity of genres and number of master filmmakers. The excellence of Mexican cinema was founded on its commercial strength – Mexico supplied all of the Spanish-speaking markets in Central and South America, and…

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  • Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    I’m not going to be able to write about this now, because I’m reeling. I know for certain that I’ll watch Carnival of Souls again and again.

    So...mind blown partly because I wrote about half of this in a story when I was a teenager and I definitely hadn’t seen this film. Mind also blown because of literally everything else. The worst thing about it is some bad acting but it actually works incredibly well for the film. How can that be?

  • Zazie dans le Métro

    Zazie dans le Métro


    Looney Tunes x Tati x fun Godard + Demy's parrot + je ne sais quoi = Zanzie dans le Metro. It's completely bonkers and unrelenting. Surely it's the pinnacle of whatever the hell it is.

    Pauline Kael said it was a big hit in France and a miss in the US. It's 'almost demonic in its inventiveness' and one critic said 'there's something not quite innocent or healthy' about it. There's definitely a disconcerting, unwholesome undercurrent and I can't decide…