Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

To be concise: It's a shame Suicide Squad sucked, because there were some parts that I really, really liked. Character designs and animations I loved, which surprised me after seeing how bad the Joker's is. Acting was 50/50 - some was really good, some was disappointing and the character development was too weak to back up any of the acting. By far the worst aspect of Suicide Squad was the pacing. Turned what could have just been a fun summer movie into something that was hard to sit through. The aesthetic of the movie was painful because it could have been amazing. But instead it was awful. I wish it would have either been more gritty or more cheesy. It ended up playing with both sides, but playing it incredibly safe and picking neither. Honestly, I hope they do make a sequel just so they give themselves another chance at possibly doing this movie right.