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This review may contain spoilers.

Watching this with someone who doesn’t know that Arnold is a good guy changes the entire dynamic of T2. Putting yourself in the position of someone coming straight from the first Terminator makes this film a really surprising treat, on top of a solid action movie. There are definitely weaker points, and poor Edward Furlong gets the brunt of the cheesy dialogue and interactions, but most of them are just that- cheesy dialogue. Even someone who hasn’t seen a trailer can come into T2 expecting cheesy dialogue.

The benefit of James Cameron upping his ante is that for every goofy bit of “so ‘90s” dialogue” there are two incredible set-pieces. Linda Hamilton reuniting with the T-800 in the hospital, the canal motorcycle chase, the assault on Cyberdyne systems, and any scene involving the preposterously bad-a liquid metal T-1000 are all thrilling. The mixture of high quality SFX with a sparing use of VFX for these set-pieces means that most of the visuals in the movie hold up really well, aside from a few moments of dated cgi/green screen/ and that DANG PROSTHETIC ARNOLD.

Oh, and aside from the perfectly planned, consistently exciting action, there are also highly memorable lines throughout the whole movie. Anyway, Terminator 2: Judgement Day  is culturally ubiquitous for one reason: It’s good! Also, unlike the original Terminator, it’s a rated R movie that doesn’t show any on-screen peen, which I’m definitely okay with. 

Quick note: does James Cameron have a thing for creepily licking someone?

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