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  • Rent



    This is my first exposure to "Rent" in any way and I unfortunately can't say it did much for me. It seems perfectly fit for the stage but it doesn't translate well as a feature film especially with it's overlong length. The choreography is undeniably impressive and some of the musical number are genuinely great but a lot of them are pretty forgettable and repetitive. Most of the performances are unconvincing, there's some really strange editing choices and I simply…

  • The Shooting

    The Shooting


    Wasn't huge on this the first time I watched it but something really clicked on a rewatch. Loved the score, themes and ambition Monte Hellman brought to this and it showcases a great early villain performance from Jack Nicholson. The climax isn't at all what you'd expect but it's one that'll be sticking with me. The Criterion Blu-Ray looks great too.

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  • The Intern

    The Intern


    It's predictable, cliched, and it does run to long containing some unnecessary subplots but "The Intern" is still a really sweet and enjoyable film to watch. Robert De Niro is terrific and Anne Hathaway is really good as well and the two of them do share some really good chemistry. The tone also balances drama, comedy and a little romance pretty nicely as well. It's nothing to special, but it's still a irresistibly charming crowd pleaser.

  • Deadpool 2

    Deadpool 2


    Far from perfect but easily the most fun I've had at the movies all year. To get the problems out of the way first, some of the CGI effects are iffy, not every joke sticks the landing, and the first 20 or so minutes a little messy, but once this film gets going I had a total blast. Reynolds is terrific once again but Beetz really impressed me as Domino and Brolin kills it as Cable. The action sequences are…