Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Best Picture Revisited Film #5:

I remember when this first came out, myself and a lot of others deemed this as great but not one of Tarantino's best. Now, nearly 6 months later I honestly think this is both one of Tarantino's best and most iconic films and that's saying a lot. This is just such a fun, entertaining and hugely enjoyable buddy hangout film. This is probably Tarantino's best and most mature work behind the camera. His direction here is terrific and his screenplay is equally as good. How they make this look and feel exactly like Hollywood in the late 60's is nothing short of stunning. I think this is a shoe in to win best production design and maybe even costume design. The soundtrack is typically great, there's so many laugh out loud moments and the third act is every bit as glorious as when I first saw it. However, I saved talking about Brad and Leo for last because this movie wouldn't work without them. Easily one of the best duo's of all time and their chemistry is electric. On top of that they both are delivering some of the best work of their career here. If I had to describe "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" in one word, it would be enjoyable. This movie is just a ball to watch and they make that close to three hour run time fly by.

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