Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★½

If reviewed as an actual film, "Deadpool 2" has a bare plot that's overly-complex with multiple timelines and characters.

But "Deadpool 2" isn't an actual film. It's a parody of the entire superhero genre and it's a wonderful parody. Playing off the superhero fatigue and the cliches of the genre, Ryan Reynolds and director David Leitch crated a film that's hilarious, smart with its references, and simply a good old-fashioned action comedy.

Plus, the film still has time to reflect on the softer sides of the goody character of Wade Wilson, giving audiences surprising emotional moments.

The film really is no better or worse than the 2016 juggernaut.

Audiences will eat this up and superhero fans will have a blast.

Do we need a third film, though? That can't be answered with certainty.

But for right now? Reynolds reigns supreme.