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  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    With my own desire to go into sound design and sound engineering, I feel I could write so much on Sound of Metal both diegetically and non-diegetically, and in time I will. But for now, it’s important for it to sit with me. 

    Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci are beyond colossal - Riz makes me proud to be born and raised in Sheperds Bush. Darius Marder’s debut direction is subtle and flawless. 

    There are moments in Sound of Metal that are just so still, and it’s so beautiful to just feel that.

  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    “You...make me behave like this.” 

    As a quick aside, I want anyone reading this to know that for some reason, Women in Love has been the feature I have most wanted to see all year. Anyway: 

    As I continue my voyage into the Oliver Reed universe, I am going to openly conclude that he is probably my favourite male actor of all time. I am relentlessly enamoured by his infectious, machismic bravado within the frame. 

    Women in Love is monolithic…

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  • Ikiru



    I’ll begin my saying that Ikiru is the closest thing to being perfect in every way that I’ve seen in a feature film. And so I’m gonna do something slightly different for my review this time around. 

    I’ve never really opened up to what I’m about to confess about my life, especially on social media. And so I am sorry if what I write appears like a stream of consciousness or unformulated, or nonsensical but I’m gonna give it a…

  • The Borderlands

    The Borderlands


    Absolutely criminal that this is the only Elliot Goldner feature. After around 15 viewings I’m concluding that The Borderlands is practically perfect, and I’m very aware that I am part of a small minutia. It’s a rarity that I’d want a film to be longer, but it always has this capacity to really fuck with me and I only wish there was more.