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This review may contain spoilers.

In praise of Happy New Year, Colin Burstead: 

*Spoilers Below* 

-Wheatley’s transformative editing, the intercutting of different character arcs is WILD 

-The absolute perfectly balanced subtlety in direction and performance

-CHARLES DANCE - I thought he was coming out, BLEW MY FUCKING SOCKS OFF 

-The greatest pre-credit scene I have ever seen, the “you’ve been watching” is beautiful

-Chabuddy saying “I was writing my suicide letter in my phone but my phone died” 

-Neil Maskell’s hyper masculinity, that slaughterhouse outing of David in front of EVERYONE 

-The folklore score

-The Shakespearean set-up, the film could be told across any age in time and still be perfect, timeless

-David’s ‘improvised’ song at the end 

-How Davis fucking gets away with it and fucking Colin suffers 

-The familial politics 

-THE LORD screaming “fuck you” at the fuse box

-The Lords ‘real house’ 

-Ben Wheatley’s attention to detail and the subtlety in his creative control 

-That Techno tune 

-Sham’s confession to his family 

-The perfectly balanced black comedy contrasting with hard hitting reality of the situation 

And finally, the maturity of Wheatley. He has become iconic in British film. He takes the best of Mike Leigh and puts his own zest on top. Having seen Wheatley’s entire catalogue of film, I was constantly reminded that this could go VERY VERY wrong, but he refrained from doing so. This lead to a feature that just felt so perfectly constructed and deeply poetic by the end. An absolute belter, and yet it’s still a hidden gem. CINEMA.

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