Women in Love ★★★★★

“You...make me behave like this.” 

As a quick aside, I want anyone reading this to know that for some reason, Women in Love has been the feature I have most wanted to see all year. Anyway: 

As I continue my voyage into the Oliver Reed universe, I am going to openly conclude that he is probably my favourite male actor of all time. I am relentlessly enamoured by his infectious, machismic bravado within the frame. 

Women in Love is monolithic in its form. An absolute delight. The mastery of Ken Russell, combined with the likes of Glenda Jackson and Alan Bates to name a few muster up an absolutely enchanting feature. I didn’t think it would top The Devils, but it has by some fine margin! 

The feature is filled with some beautifully salacious symbolic imagery that grasp the key themes of the film in such a touching way. Ken Russell is also so wonderful in his use of colour palette and shot composition. A formidable piece of work! 


Oh how lovers drown!

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