Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

The opening montage was the movie I'd actually watch and enjoy.

Problems with pacing plague this movie. It dragged when the premise was ideal for high-octane, spending too much time setting up character arcs that ultimately don't matter, or in discussion about what to do next instead of actually doing it. Meanwhile zombies are not attacking, but hibernating, or "deactivated" due to dehydration, or having some sort of alpha zombie hazing ritual. Also the camera spends way too much time lingering over Ella Purnell as Kate, who literally did nothing and never should've been allowed to come along on a guaranteed death trip.

Plot devices borrowed from Aliens (the corporate/military guy who has a shady ulterior motive), I Am Legend (hey let's capture and decapitate the head zombies girlfriend!) and Ocean's Eleven (well, yeah, I guess that one's forgivable, since it's the entire premise of the movie.) On a positive note Nora Arnezeder as the Coyote was quite good. She was the lead this movie needed--was intriguing, knew the zombie lore, and kicked ass when necessary.

Was disappointed by Army of Dead. Dawn of the Dead is still the best Zach Synder movie. This felt too self-aware.

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