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  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off


    My Fourth Watch:
    It’s sort of my own little tradition that I watch this whenever a have a sick day off school and I’ve been sick the last two days so I decided it’s best to watch it again before I enviably have to return to school. Does it deserve 5 stars? I know a good few people that would say no, but I don’t care because screw them! Just kidding guys, I swear. In my humble opinion, it is still one of my all time favourite movies, it’s so fun and energetic and I adore every second of it

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    One of the best new releases I’ve watched in a while. I was expecting it to be good but this was a damn near-masterpiece packed with incredible, Oscar-worthy performances. I might even bump it up to a 5/5 after a rewatch

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  • His Girl Friday

    His Girl Friday


    A break-neck paced, highly enjoyable, wonderfully witty, very funny movie with some excellent dialogue and spectacular performances. Definitely one of Hawks’ best movies that I’ve seen

  • Mrs. Doubtfire

    Mrs. Doubtfire


    This was one of my childhood favourites and I can say that I still love this movie. It’s bittersweet, heartfelt, emotional and hilarious, mainly thanks to the great Robin Williams. However, some of the humour has not aged well at all but that’s bound to happen with a lot of comedies