The Even Stevens Movie ★★★½

Before Disney+, I never watched Even Stevens. My parents had a pretty basic cable plan and I've been on the lookout for TV nostalgia. I don't know why I always wrote this series off, but after I watched Honey Boy, I thought I'd give it a go.

I binged the series pretty quickly and I wish Letterboxd let me review series because that was phenomenal. It is so wholesome and genuinely funny. I've laughed quite a bit with this show and was really sad when I finished it. But, that meant I could watch the movie.

And the movie is... good. Part of the charm of the series was the over-the-top way the family dealt with normal situations. So this movie threw in a whacky plot and the characters were already whacky so it was just kinda... whack?

This rating comes from a combination of enjoyment of the series and movie. If you have a Disney+, I recommend watching Even Stevens. Something about watching the cast interact is great and watching Shia morph into a competent actor is equally as rewarding.