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This review may contain spoilers.

Absolutely enjoyed this. Wanted to check out more of Paul Verhoeven's directorial work as Robocop is easily one of the best films that he has ever made, so I decided to choose Starship Troopers based on some glowing recommendations as the next one and this did not disappoint me at all.

It honestly blew me away in a ton of aspects really as you could definitely look at this one in a variety of ways. It does feel like an epic space war film as there are a ton of remarkable action sequences sprinkled in here and there filled with gory brutality to satisfy anyone that just wants to have an entertaining time, which I surely did have. But this film is clearly more than just that as director Verhoeven additionally uses this film to satire the way of war that has occurred many times throughout human history.

In this film, an intergalactic war happens between humans and the "Bugs" because an asteroid that is presumed to be launched to Earth by them hits Buenos Aires killing millions there including the main protagonist's parents. Now in the film, we never exactly know if the asteroid did in fact hit Buenos Aires which in turn creates a false flag event or if the Bugs did it themselves, so that meant it was okay for the world to justify this war against those distasteful Bugs. Not only that, but the world in this one is unified as one as the "United Citizen Federation" which closely resembles that of a fascist government, which heavily promotes militarism and the use of gratuitous violence against anything that doesn't look like us, which in this case were the Bugs or the so-called antagonists of the film, with the inclusion of rather comical propaganda news segments. The beginning scene of the film was ideal for presenting the audience with exactly that, and it continued to utilize this throughout which made this film both excel in how brilliant it shows the viewer its satire and how outright amusing it is by those detailed effects as we follow a ton of foolish troops into battle.

Speaking of these profound effects, the visual effects in this film are unbelievably stunning and still hold up 23 years later. Can't believe it since some of the effects in several 90s films I've watched throughout my life have not aged too particularly well, but this one certainly has. Taking everything into account, Starship Troopers gets a definite recommend from me for sure, so be sure to check it out when you get a chance if you haven't yet.

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