Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★★½

Off the bat, because this will probably be the hot button topic, the Rudy Giuliana scene is certainly not damning but is definitely questionable. The scene itself certainly served its purpose, whether that was somewhat incited by the film or not, it works for the film.

This is the kick of edgy filmmaking that we needed. It really does a great job of riding that line and its all the more impressive with the two performances. Who would have expected Maria Bakalova, a no name, to steal the show. Its a wonderful work around since they can't have Borat doing a lot of the stuff with his infamy.

The way Cohen is able to adapt his character to his real life pressence is not only funny, but its just so clever. Granted, Borats ability to imitate accents is a little convenient. Speaking of which, I remmber seeing that Trump rally scene happen. Up hear in Wahington in our capitol Olympia. Go look up the Snapchat footage, its crazy how Cohen manipulates these people.

What I think surprised me the most was the lack of cynicism. There are a few characters in here that show common sense and empathy. Its funny that common decency is now hopeful, but goddamn isn't it refreshing to see people like the guys who take in Borat during Covid not be total shit? People are on spectrum and even if they're disagreeable, they aren't monsters and they aren't treated as such.

This just feels like such a defining movie for the time we find ourselves in. Whether it'll hold up or not, I don't know. I do know that this is what 2020 America really needs. Its socially aware in a way that feels genuine and it is also the type of comedy that feels so electric.