Time ★★★★½

Profoundly beautiful in every way. The mini dv footage is so textural, esspecially with the black and white. The editing is what makes this film though. The narrative is weaved so tightly with the themes, esspecially time, through the formal elements of film.

Its walking a very tight rope and while it may stumble in the middle, the introduction and conclusion are so immaculately presented it blows my mind. Its so visceral and emotional and unafraid to be those things. The first and last ten minutes are peak cinema.

It engages the subject of incarceration, more specifically, cruel and unusual sentencing times. And it does so with a grace and ease that is entirely due to the emotion of the story.

Well-executed documentaries all share this one elemnt. A deep connection to the humanity of what is being documented. Even if that connection is too intimate and raw at times.

Again I think stumbles in the middle, but the only other issue is camerawork. Long lenses and low apperature values are street but hard to execute on the fly. There are also some moments of slow-mo without a fast enough shutter speed.

None of this matters though as it just adds to the texture of the filmmaking. Also, the fact that this is PG-13 is remarkable and I guess I want to give credit to the MPAA. I hope that rating actaully has an effect.