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  • Leaving Las Vegas

    Leaving Las Vegas


    Something about the glorification of self-destruction in this movie is super hard to pin down. It's undoubtably authentic and emotionally engaging but it is without a doubt making alcoholism, suicide, and self-destruction really attractive in a very weird way.

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    First time back to the theater since Rise of Skywalker and I think the projector bulb was dim. I get the shadows but why were the highlights so grimy? Why did the focus look soft?

  • Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

    Nymphomaniac: Vol. I


    On its own, Nymphomaiac Vol. 1 is not the best Von Trier has done. Despite prefering the theatrical cut of this film, I tend to watch the extended cut. As one film, it does a really good job establishing Joe. She's a really dense literary character, despite most of her depth showing in Vol. 2.

    Vol. 1 also doesn't feel like it fully exploits the essayistic style that Von Trier has been using since. I mean, as a whole, Seligman…

  • Minari



    I really like the music but a lot of it reminds me of the main theme from Cannibal Holocaust and thats a weird movie to be thinking of while watching this.

    Good first act, decent second act, great third act. The third act really begins developing the themes that were established in the first act. Its a bummer so much of the films early momentum is lost by the thirty minute mark.

    The ending is very odd in just how…

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    While I liked the show overall, I have to say I'm didappointed with the trajectory of the show. Basically, I feel like the show starts off fantastic but slowly descends into overly sentimental cheese. That first episode is maybe the best depiction of how young children become dependent on drugs, even before there is a physical addiction, that ive ever seen. It shows how a dependency can develop due to the reinforcement it provides in such a nuanced yet general…

  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night


    Really fun movie. Amazing sound design. That dudes McConaughey is pretty good. Really great dialogue across the board, albeit a little on the nose at points, but so many movies don't demonstrate such restraint in monologues. And, of course, all the extras in this movie act like Watch Dogs NPC's. So wild and repetitive in their actions. It was amazing.

    What I can't tell, and I haven't really decided whether its a good thing or not, is if a lot…

  • QT8: The First Eight

    QT8: The First Eight


    The integration of the subject matter if Harvey Weinstein in this doc was hilarious. Throughout the doc, it'll ocassionally hold on a pic of Weinstein with tense music building. Then they cut to Kill Bill and people talking about that. What? Only near the very end do the address this subject that needed to be done, and even then, they botched that. It needed to be in there, but not like that. Overall though, has a lot of really good insights.

  • Devs



    Having gone back and watched Garland's past two films, I dont know how to feel about this one. My biggest issue with Garland's films, including the ones he written, is his characters. They consistently flat, uninteresting, and mostly just used as a vehicle to show off his worlds. Annihilation has some pretty sleepy characters, Caleb in Ex Machina is a hollow shell, and at one point in 28 Days Later, Cillian Murphy disappears for like ten minutes to show off…

  • National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

    National Theatre Live: Frankenstein


    I have never really been a fan of Cumberbatch, but those first 15 minutes are something else. Such a physical performance that conveys so much. Not my type of theater really, I do prefer less extravigant productions but I can't deny this was an incredibly well done adaptation, bringing something new to the original text.

  • Chinatown



    Despite what you may read in every film textbook, my hottake is that this is definitely not one of the best screenplays ever written. Let alone one that should be lauded as the crowning achievement of three act structure. Its not a bad movie and it sure is utilizing three act structure, however, that three act structure is robust and engaging consistently.

    The first act, which does its job at establishing the story, is boring. Personally, I really don't like…

  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The most notable aspect of this film is the structure and pacing. And honestly I really don't know how to feel about it.

    Too much hugging at the end. I like the tension that she may use in the last act, I just didnt care for the bait and switch execution. Just the whole last act felt off. The sobriety angle just felt disingenuous.

  • Vivarium



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


    Regardless of how cheap its visual effects may look, after a while, it almost makes it better. I do think when we go to third act territory the word is a little underdeveloped. Not in the sense of information, but in the sense that it doesn't feel super tactile. I can't belive I'm saying this but small, directorial details added, for example off the top of my head: if Tom's ladder in the hole was constructed out of pieces…