mid90s ★★★★½

This one hit REALLY hard in a lot of personal ways, the same for my friend who was extremely excited to finally check this out. I was mainly expecting this to be a light skate culture glorification considering this was Jonah Hill's debut and most debut films have tried to play it safe, but he did not pull any punches and I am so grateful for that. There's so much detail in this that surprised me, like who accurate I feel it portrays a childlike outlook of adult situations, the mixture of 4:3 and 16mm to create a sense memory version of the 90s rather than the generic period piece, but mostly how sincere it was all the way through. There are so many moments where the camera feels like it disappears into the scene and the actors stop being actors, like its a real memory playing out in front of you. I saw so much of my own friends and people from my childhood in a lot of these characters it was scarily uncanny. And while there are aspects that can be messy, the absolute passion put into every frame of this was deeply healing, weirdly enough.


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