The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★

This was a strange watch. On one hand, it feels like an interesting screenplay more than film. On the other, Scott doing Scott things is always enjoyable.

The set up of three differing versions of events is really cool. I just think it works better as a TV show, than a super long movie. I say a TV show as it would lend the audience more time to invest in the characters, so the central conflicts isn’t reliant on the shock of rape. I didn’t care about anyone, so I felt nothing. The world of the film is cool, but I’m not given much to care about. It’s not boring though.

The action, costumes and all the technical stuff is so lovely. The accents are funny, as are the wigs on Damon and Affleck. The performances are a mixed bag. Adam Driver can’t stop winning, and has another good showing. Affleck is a real surprise, as he’s hilarious. Jodie has the most work to do, and shows that this film should be a launching pad for more films to show her talents. Damon was frustrating. 

For me, he’s in a rare brand of actors that I’ve seen a lot and is just too famous. I see his face and it’s hard for me to shake off seeing the actor and not the character. I have seen him in other films that are quite good, and the film creates an atmosphere where it’s easier to suspend my disbelief. But here I just couldn’t not see Matt Damon. Whereas I could see the characters instead of the other cast members.

The runtime isn’t bad, as you go in knowing what you’re getting into. You don’t feel it, even though I wouldn’t mind skipping some of the repeat scenes. Boy you can’t take them out as the help shape the perspective of certain characters. I don’t think we needed to see the rape twice, but the film is centered on it, so I can understand it’s inclusion.